With a wave of a hand and a single word, Sam takes a stage full of people, and an amazed audience, along for a hilarious, multi-sensory journey deep into the center of their imaginations.

In Sleep! The Power of Suggestion...The Magic of the Mind, Sam helps his volunteers achieve a state of deep relaxation to tactfully reveal sides of themselves they never knew existed. In this laughter-filled show, guests enhance their senses and often awaken unknown abilities — showing what’s possible when the mind’s creative potential is unlocked. While they may lose their inhibitions, Sam ensures that they’ll never lose their dignity. And they’ll wake from the experience with renewed invigoration, as if they’ve had a full night’s sleep.

For conference breakout sessions and groups, Sam teaches life-enhancing hypnosis techniques for stress management, deep relaxation, improved concentration and focus. After these sessions, participants often return to their roles refreshed and ready to use these tips in everyday life.

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As event emcee, Sam brought the focus back to why each individual was there and drove the mission home. He was the glue and the message stuck. If you engage Sam, you will not be disappointed. His magic and hypnosis acts are too impressive and hilarious. His efforts made our fundraising much easier.

— Matthew Ladika, CEO, HomeSafe