Do you believe in magic? Your audience sure will — especially when Sam gives them control of the show and convinces them that “There’s A Little Bit Of Magic In All Of Us!”

Sam’s high-energy show engages audiences with total interactivity, dazzles them with unbelievable effects, and delights them with uproarious comedy. A master of illusion, Sam leaves crowds gazing in amazement and wondering with a child’s curiosity.

Let Sam add magic to a stage show, to an intimate client dinner with Captivating Close-Up Magic!, or have him host your awards celebration or multi-performer show. With Sam at the helm you have a true Master of Ceremonies whose commitment goes beyond the stage and travels behind the scenes to help plan a truly unforgettable occasion.

Whether it’s a crowd of two or two thousand, each audience member feels like part of the show and takes with them something priceless: the glow of magic deep in their hearts.

Engage your audience. Introduce Sam Simon to your next event!

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As event emcee, Sam brought the focus back to why each individual was there and drove the mission home. He was the glue and the message stuck. If you engage Sam, you will not be disappointed. His magic and hypnosis acts are too impressive and hilarious. His efforts made our fundraising much easier.

— Matthew Ladika, CEO, HomeSafe