The smallest spark of creativity can ignite a contagious passion for success within the walls of your workplace.

Sam Simon helps large and small teams fuel their creative fire by leading training sessions like no other. Sam magically transforms even the most mundane topics into a fun and engaging experience. Using humor, illusions and his signature style, Sam helps reinforce your message and makes it memorable. Employees will be sure to grasp the topic at hand — even though it feels like fun!

Sam knows that the team that laughs together works well together, and uses his comedic sensibilities to help foster teamwork and solidify lasting bonds. As one client gushes, “Sam joined our content workshops and even contributed to the breakthrough thinking we achieved!”

Engage your audience. Introduce Sam Simon to your next event!

What a unique and rewarding experience to know that a single human being could capture and motivate such a large culturally diverse audience. From city to city, you entered as a stranger, delivered a key corporate message supporting our sales strategy and parted as a team member and friend. Please accept my thanks for your flexibility in adjusting to a very aggressive schedule and for achieving a perfect ‘10’ at each meeting.

— Nina Worthy, Revenue Generation Manager, Verizon