Without humor, we would have nothing to laugh at! SM

Sam Simon

Magic. Hypnosis. Motivation. Training.

With A Twist.

A master magician. A hilarious hypnotist. A maverick motivator. A tactful trainer. An energetic entertainer. At your next event, Sam Simon will be any of these – or all of them. Read more...


[muh - jish' - nuh - tist]

*n. – An extraordinary breed of entertainer that engages audiences through magic, hypnotism and humor.

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[mō' - tiv - ha - lair - ē - in]

*n. – A keynote speaker that motivates audiences with custom programs that use a unique and memorable blend of magic, comedy and messaging.

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[en' - ter - train - er]

*n. – A facilitator who makes meetings and educational events fun and entertaining.

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I have hired Sam Simon multiple times and the feedback is always fantastic. Sam is committed to learning my goals, exceeding expectations…having the talent and charisma to deliver a great show by interacting with and engaging my audiences. He is a respected motivator and entertainer.

— Matthew Lambert, Club Manager, Mirasol Country Club

Your energy, talent and sensitivity were the perfect mix for our audience of families, patients, doctors and scientists. Your gift of magic coupled with your hypnosis concert was the necessary ingredient enabling all to re-energize and enjoy the remainder of the symposium.

— Charles A. Mohan, CEO/ED, United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

My goal was to end the event on an upbeat and entertaining note...You played an important role in helping us close out an inspiring and meaningful weekend through your fun and humor.

— Dain M. Hancock, President, Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems View All


Hire a Sam for your next event! Magic and Hypnosis? Motivation? Training? Take your pick, or even all 3.

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